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Cashback White Label Solutions

Cashback White Label Solutions

Looking for a partner to provide you with a white label cashback solution?

Submission Technology is the most experienced and profitable operator of cashback solutions in the UK. We have the technology and expertise to provide you with a branded white label cashback platform that provides both added value and a new revenue stream to your customers.

White Label Cashback

A cashback white label solution will provide your audience with a valuable money saving service which encourages repeat visits to your website while providing you with a profitable new revenue stream.

In 2003, Submission Technology launched the UK's first cashback site, Today, we retain our position as the UK's most profitable cashback operator.

This is a proven and rewarding business model and we invite you to join us.

The White Label Proposition

We can provide you with a managed solution to provide your audience with value added savings of cashback - fully white labelled with your existing brand.

Our turnkey solution will provide you with:

  • A fully customised version of

  • We will maintain your cashback platform with retailers' offers and proactively work with our advertising sponsors to create campaigns that best monetise your member base.

  • We will create and mail your co-branded members newsletters.

  • We will provide full support for your members via our dedicated support helpdesk.

  • We will manage your members' accounting and reward redemptions.

A cashback white label solution will provide you with a fully managed rewards solution. We have an established and robust infrastructure with the benefit of over five years experience in the online rewards market.

Why choose Submission Technology

Submission Technology literally invented online 'cashback' more than eight years ago.

  • We were first to market. We have more knowledge and real world expertise in this field than any other company.

  • We operate the most profitable cashback solution in the UK.

  • No other cashback operator has their own affiliate network, allowing private deals to be rapidly integrated within your cashback platform.

  • Our reputation and relationships in the market have enabled us to secure key brand retailers who will either not work with other reward sites or will only operate with a few select closed groups, including: Argos, Lloyds TSB Insurance, Nationwide, Sky and RAC.

  • With volume comes greater retailer commissions which means more value for your users and a greater revenue share for you. In some cases we can demonstrate rates up to 100% greater than our competitors, a crucial factor for consideration when selecting a white label cashback partner!

What do you get with your Cashback Solution?

  • Fully branded cashback solution

  • Customised selection of offers (remove campaigns with commercial conflict)

  • Branded newsletter and member support

  • Access to our 'offline rewards' platform

  • Small one off set-up charge and no monthly management fees

  • Minimal integration, we host and maintain your cashback platform

  • Access to exclusive retail partners

  • Hosting and maintenance

  • Enjoy greater revenue share with our preferential retailer commercials

Cashback White Label Solutions Contact

Contact: Trevor Smith
Phone: 020 7183 1653
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