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The Process

The process

  • Contact us to agree a delivery date.

  • Supply us with suitable creative (see below).

  • We create your campaign and mail a test to the seed list.

  • Once you have approved the proof sent to the seed list then the campaign is scheduled.

  • Tracking report delivered 4 days post send.

Technical Specifications

To ensure that a campaign is sent when desired it is imperative that certain criteria are followed. Following this will allow us to deliver your email so that it appears as it is supposed to.

  • Your document must be valid HTML and should meet the W3C standards. Do not use XHTML as this format is not suitable for email campaigns.

  • Use HTML tables for layout. The maximum width should not be above 580 pixels, to prevent scrolling.

  • Avoid the use of WYSIWYG non-specialist HTML editors (such as Microsoft Word) to create the code, as these editors will insert invalid code.

  • Background images will not work properly and should be avoided.

  • Remember spam filters will examine filenames in the same way as it looks for spam-specific phrases.

  • Avoid using CSS where possible. If completely necessary, use inline CSS applied to the individual tags. Do not use style sheets appended to the creative or placed within the <HEAD> of the code. There are many limitations to which CSS properties can be used. Creatives with excessive CSS will be rejected.

More Email Marketing Tips:

Write Clear, Informative Subject Lines
The subject line is crucial. You have about 2 seconds and 50 characters to tell your readers who you are, what you're offering and why they should open your mail right away. You need to be eye-catching. Direct is best: Highlight the benefit and call to action in the subject line.

Design For Preview Panes
Many readers view only a portion of your message in a preview pane, so don't waste the top real estate with copy or images that don't tell the story. Others read email on portable devices such as all-in-one cell-phone/PDAs like the BlackBerry and the Treo, which don't read formatted emails at all. So if you rely on just one big image, they'll see one big blank space. Create a "light" version of your message in text format for people who either want just text or who read email on portable devices.

Image Blocking
You can no longer rely on images to tell your story or sell your product. Today's email clients routinely block images by default unless the user changes a setting to allow those images to download. It's done to block spam and prevent viruses from downloading, but it also means image-heavy messages will show up with a lot of empty windows filled with red X's

Email Marketing Contacts

Contact: Grant Rowe
Phone: 020 7183 6171
LinkedIn: Click Here To View


Contact: Andy Barden
Phone: 020 7183 9192
LinkedIn: Click Here To View

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