Press Releases - 25th June 2007

Research shows reward sites deliver strong results for online retailers

Online visitors delivered by reward-based loyalty websites are more valuable to retailers than standard traffic according to recent research.

The research, undertaken by the UK's largest cashback website, took data from affiliate networks, advertising agencies and retailers direct to analyse the key performance indicators of their incentivised visitors versus non incentivised traffic.

Incentivised visitors were seen to have a much greater propensity to buy than that of their non-incentivised counterparts. Earnings per click* across a variety of brand name retailers was shown to be far increased with Dorothy Perkins seeing a 183% uplift and Comet seeing a 309% uplift.

The strongest evidence for increases in propensity to buy was in the area of online insurance. A leading car insurance brand saw a 512% increase in EPC, GreasyPalm's incentivised traffic performing at 5.32 per click compared to the average visitor being worth 1.04 per click.

Further beneficial effects of incentivised traffic were demonstrated when looking at data for the average order values across a range of retailers. A well-known High Street clothing retailer shows an average order value of 105.12, compared to 118.16 for GreasyPalm's incentivised traffic. Similar uplifts in average order value were seen by other well-known websites including a chocolate retailer whose average order values for incentivised traffic show an uplift of 30%.

Marketing Director of GreasyPalm, Neil Durrant comments, "The results of our research show that websites like GreasyPalm direct high value traffic to online retailers and, as such, are an integral part of the marketing mix. Retailers working in conjunction with reward sites tap into loyal and motivated shoppers benefiting immensely from their association."

"The quality of incentivised traffic is unsurpassed, which explains the growth in the online rewards sector since we started with the UK's first cashback site in 2003. This growth has caught the attention of traditional media owners for whom we are now building white label solutions. They too can now take advantage of online shopping and the exceptional member value delivered by highly motivated shoppers."


Notes to editor:

*Earnings per click is an online metric which provides a like for like comparison of a websites ability to convert clicks into revenue allowing for average order value, conversion rate and commission paid.

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About GreasyPalm:

GreasyPalm was the UK's very first 'cashback' website, launched in 2003 and remains one of the UK's fastest growing consumer reward sites. The GreasyPalm model rewards consumers with cash discounts when they shop for goods & services from hundreds of the UK's leading companies including The AA, Marks & Spencer and Lloyds TSB. GreasyPalm has over 750,000 registered members and generates millions of pounds in retail sales every month, with over 4.7 million in cash rebates having been awarded to members since launch.

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