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Performance works

We are a performance-advertising network operated by one of the UK's largest performance publishers.

We work closely with our advertisers to drive real performance to their cost per action or lead acquisition campaigns.

Best of all there is no risk on your part. There are no set-up fees or monthly management charges - you pay purely on performance.

Top tier affiliates

The traditional affiliate model works. However, the traditional affiliate program still only yields real volume from the top 5% of its affiliates. Those elusive 'super-affiliates' make the difference to any program's profitability.

We do not aspire to be a large affiliate network with tens of thousands of affiliates. Instead, we take carefully selected advertiser offers, ensure it's a proven performer and make it available to a small selection of highly targeted publishers capable of driving real volume.

The Pay by Performance Network is wholly owned by Submission Technology, one of the UK's largest CPA publishers. Should your offer be accepted in the network then we will be one of your first 'super-affiliates' and introduce your offer to a number of other publishers able to drive similar volume.

The experience to make your campaign perform

We know what makes a campaign work both as a successful affiliate publisher and as an advertiser.

Our management team have been creating and managing performance advertising campaigns for several years. In fact our marketing director wrote one of the first books on the topic over five years ago!

Speak to our team in order to find out honest information on how we can make your programme perform for you. With honest and insightful feedback we will help you to establish the best route to follow.

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